Conference and event photography

A woman is featured smiling in a large group.
A woman standing at a podium, smiling.
A woman is posed smiling at an event. the background is a dark red.
Astronaut Chris Hatfield is seen on stage giving a presesntation.
A man on a pogo stick is seen jumping high above a crowd watching below.
Two people are pictured looking to the side in a conference environment.
Four people pose, holding their glasses up.
A man is featured sitting at a table with his arms crossed, smiling.
A woman is pictured looking toward a stage with her hands held together.
A man is standing at a podium with his hand raised.
A man is standing beside a podium, smiling.
A man on a pogo stick jumps over a person laying on the ground.
A woman is pictured looking toward a stage, smiling.
A man prepares food in a kitchen. He has a telus shirt on.
A woman adjusts the microphone at a podium.

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