Two people pose with a plaque with the peggys cove lighthouse in the background.
A man poses with a basketball in a basketball court.
Two men pose while pouring drinks from a Cove Kombucha van.
Two women pose back to back in a light environment.
Two men pose with their arms crossed in a store.
A man is smiling with a camera around his shoulders.
A woman holds up a vial of the COVID-19 Vaccine.
A woman wearing a yellow sweater pulls on her collar.
A woman wearing a yellow sweater leans against a wall.
A man poses with his arms crossed in a brewery.
A woman hold up a well decorated cake.
The outside of the Garrison Brewery in Halifax.
A man wearing a dark navy blue suit lounges on a white chair.
A sobeys baker holds up a strawberry cake.
A woman wearing a black hoodie poses infront of a store.