Adams Photography is partnered with Brandy Lakia, an on-site Make up Artist and Designer. Her interest in the art of makeup began at a very early age – She can recall being amazed at how color when applied properly to the eyes and lips seemingly brightened the face. From there, she began to study magazines, music videos, movies, anything and anyone that had to do with makeup. It wasn’t long before she was doing full applications on anyone willing to let her. She has since graduated from Eastern College with a diploma in Makeup Artistry and design.

Make Up Artistrty and Designs Photography

For Brandy, doing Makeup is not just a career or job – “It is a lifestyle. It’s a passion; It is me.”

Make-up artistry provides Brandy with an opportunity to express her talents in the following services:

- Pageants
- Proms
- Commercials
- Weddings
- Photo shoots
- Videos
- Sporting competitions
- Special events
- Children and teen makeup
- Image consultation